I feel my heartbeat inside my chest
My head pounding harder and harder
My heart is racing faster and faster
I think I need a glass of water.

I’m starting to sweat, feeling diaphoretic
My first thought is to get back home
Everyone’s talking, talking at once
Wish they’d all just leave me alone.

I have no idea what is happening
I’m feeling a pain in the middle of my back
Is this what it’s… suppose to feel like
When you’re having a heart attack?

The end is near, this is it
The day of remorse and regret
My time has finally come to an end
I am facing the ultimate…..death.

EMS arrives, EMT’s on hand
With blankets and tanks of O2
I feel weak and oh so helpless now
There’s nothing I could possibly do.

Sirens wailing, lights flashing
I wake up in the ICU
I’m feeling confused and thankful
Looks like I made it, I finally came to.

My family was there, with tears in their eyes
I was lucky to be alive
So many thoughts running thru my mind
I was grateful that I survived.

* This is fiction.


Image from Google Images:


YouTube Video: Queens County Maryland EMS

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

15 thoughts on “SIRENS WAILING”

  1. Recently I decided to be less useless in emergencies and got a CPR and AEED certification after I saw someone go to shock at a coffee shop and I couldn’t do anything! Didn’t even have my phone on me to call 911!

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