Don’t think you have a future
Cause you’re going to get hurt
Don’t read into what she’s saying
Don’t hang onto every word.

You’ll be gone by morning
Don’t plan to stick around
You’re just a mere distraction
A new shiny toy she’s found.

She has no depth or feelings
She’ll use and she’ll abuse
She’ll take complete advantage
She’ll get the best of you.

Don’t dare to start believing
Think this is any more
Than a simple late night hookup
That’s all she’s looking for.

She’s gonna leave you crying
You’ll be begging her for more
But it won’t do you any good
Once she’s done, you’re out the door.

She’s got no time for small talk
Doesn’t care what’s on your mind
Not interested in knowing you
Not going to waste her time.

Always looking for her next fix
The climax and the high
Someone better to spend time with
Then it’s time to say goodbye.


Image from Google Images:


YouTube: Don’t Believe In Love

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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