Whatever it takes, you can be certain
I’ll be the one standing right by your side
No matter what, thru thick and thin
I’ll tell the truth, you know I won’t lie.

Buckets of bullshit might come your way
But you’ll never receive any from me
I’m a straight shooter, always forthright
I’m the one you can always believe.

Sick of betrayals, friends turning their backs
When you least expect it, he’ll walk out the door
He doesn’t really care, he never did
You ’ve been down this same highway before.

Hoping he’s changed and things will be different
Is an illusion that’s not gaining traction
There’s no mistake, he’s laughing at you
Open your eyes, and see his reaction.

A hater, a fake, a jester, a fool
Can’t you see he crossed over the line?
There’s no mistake, he’s goofing on you
He’ll make a fool out of you every time.

He’s got your number, he knows your address
He’s got “missile lock” on you
You can’t escape his wrath and his reign
He knows exactly what he wants to do.

He’s gonna use you, he knows how to play
He’ll turn your whole world upside down
Before he’s finished, you’ll be on your knees
You’ll be meek and won’t utter a sound.

The master, the king, the bully, the devil
You’ll be crying before he’s through
He’ll make sure you know how he feels
He’ll never be in love with you.

Stick with me, I won’t let him hurt you
I’ll be standing right by your side
We’ll be together he won’t stand a chance
To break down your reserve, or your pride.

He’ll walk away, he will be gone
He’ll disappear right before your eyes
Once he knows you’re onto him
That you see thru his alluring disguise.

You can start over, don’t need his permission
You’re somebody all on your own
He’s not for you, you don’t need him
Don’t let him hear you whine or moan.

You’ve got this, girl ….take it from me
You don’t need a guy like him
Guys like him are a dime a dozen
All you need is a really good friend.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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