I love to feel the night beach air
Blowing thru my hair
The smell, the way it makes me feel
The cool, fresh, salty air.

The sand feels cool beneath my feet
The water surprisingly feels warm.
Maybe an indication of
An impending tropical storm.

The moon is shining overhead
Looks like I’m not alone
An osprey wades just there on the shore
His presence sets the tone.

A picture perfect silhouette
He stands still ….so picturesque
I gaze upon him motionless
A glimpse of nature’s best.

The wind picks up, the bite of the sand
Blowing hard across the dunes
Lets me know,  it’s time to go
Need to head back very soon.

The bird takes heed, flys overhead
The waves now getting rough
The moon tucks behind the clouds
The rain now falling from above.


Image from Google Images:



Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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