My NeeNee is my everything
She takes good care of me
She’s always there to fix my hurts
To fix my scraped up knees.

We color and we cut out
We paste and use the glue
We pretend that we are princesses
She knows just what to do.

We play house and cook our dinner
We eat chicken nuggets by the pound
She’s always there to care for me
She’s my favorite to be around.

We watch TV and videos
We eat cookies and ice cream
I like to sleep at her house
Where I have the best of dreams.

She loves Nemo, Bambi and Pooh Bear
We watch FROZEN on DVD
She’s going to take me with her
We’re going to visit her favorite, MICKEY.

We’ve packed our bags and wristbands
Mommy and PopPop, too
We’re heading out to Disney World
We know just what to do.

Going to see Uncle Don and Aunt Libby
Aunt Debbie and Aunt Patty, too
We’re all going to be having so much fun
Wish you were going, too!


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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