via Daily Prompt: Observe


As I stood back, and watched you two
I couldn’t help but observe
The looks exchanged, the glances too
How could you have the nerve?

Did you think that I was deaf and blind?
Did you think I wouldn’t notice
When he brushed up next to you
When he tried to stand between us.

If you want him, then go for it
But, don’t make a fool of me
Pack your bags and walk away
Then you’ve got to let me be.

You’re not mine to own, or keep
If you want someone else
You have the right to live your life
To do what’s right for you, yourself.

But let me go, don’t expect me
To have to stand here and to watch
You pine for another’s hand to hold
This charade has got to stop.


Image from Google Images: dreamstime.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

6 thoughts on “WALK AWAY”

  1. Thanks for sharing!!..

    “Never say I love you
    If you really don’t care,
    Never talk about feelings
    If they really aren’t there.

    Never hold my hand
    If your going to break my heart
    Never say your going to
    If you don’t plan to start.

    Never look into my eyes
    If all you do is lie
    Never say hello
    If you really mean goodbye.

    If you really mean forever
    Then say you will try,
    If not, then never say forever
    Cause forever makes me cry
    (Author Unknown)

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