Some days I wait for death to come
To come for me and quickly
Some days I welcome his cold, dark hands
Wanting him to come and take me.

That day will come… it’s inevitable
There is no escaping destiny
Try as you may to ward it off
Death waits for you patiently.

Some egg it on, they prod and poke
Wondering if it makes a difference
Riding too fast, not doing things right
Will it encourage death’s appearance?

The worst of us, the crankiest
Seem to live the longest
Being rude, nasty and cruel
Doesn’t enhance death’s visit upon us.

So live your life and don’t worry about
Your last fateful, dying day
The day when death will finally come
To take your life away.


Image from Google Images: Pinterest

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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