As you sit down on the porch
Do you really care
Which step you’re going to sit on?
You just sit upon the stairs.

Sitting on the stoop
Lends to conversation and deep thought
Friends may stop, as they walk by
They’ll stop to sit and talk.

A winding staircase and metal treads
Can give your house a different look
Steel beams and cable fasteners
Suspended with silver hooks.

Grand staircases of pageantry
An entry for the elite
Makes one feel like a princess
As they enter to meet and greet.

Fire escapes save many lives
Provide the thief with accessibility
Help the injured, filing down
The ones with serious injuries.

Running down a stairway
Quickly running to catch a train
Could prove to be an obstacle
When too many are doing the same.

Without an adequate staircase
How would we make the climb?
It would be pretty hard to do
To get up to your apartment or mine.

Let’s celebrate what we take for granted
Easy access and ease of movement
The stairs have been a means to an end
One of man’s significant achievements.


Image from Google Images: fineartamerica.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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