I wandered along the sandy beach
It was a cold, damp, dreary day
I was hoping to try and clear my head
I walked for quite a ways.

No one else had ventured out
I was on the beach alone
It was there that I stumbled upon
Some keys and a new cell phone.

I picked them up, dusted them off
Put them inside my jacket pocket
Wondered who had dropped them there
Saw the keys were attached to a locket.

Further along I realized
Someone had gone out for a swim
That’s when I saw the cold remains
That’s when I stumbled upon them.

Two strangers lying on the beach
They had washed up on the shore
A man and woman lying there
Not breathing anymore.

Took out my phone, called 911
Explained how I found the deceased
I gave them the keys and cell phone, too
Gave it all to the local police.

They set up some parameters
Using tape and some wooden stakes
Hoping that scouring the area
Might provide them with a break.

They looked for clues, for evidence
Was this an accidental drowning?
The riptides were pretty strong that day
They were lucky they had found them.

Forensics arrived with body bags
They were examined, then placed inside
No one was there to shed a tear
No one was there to even cry.

I noted they both had matching rings
Sad to know they had lost their way
Not a good day to go swimming out there
A sad ending to this dark, dreary day.


Image from Google Images: buffpost.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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