via Daily Prompt: Thin


Hanging on a thin, frayed thread
So brittle and oh so fragile
Hard to imagine the survival of love
The endurance… so incomprehensible.

Bound by guilt and senseless blame
Looking for the reasons why
Scratching only upon the surface
Finding just one reason to try.

Crying out to be alone
Smoothered and overwhelmed
Wishing there was one secret, just one
Just one you’d never tell.

The days and years pass by
They take your heart, they take your soul
Nothing left at the end of the day
You let it go, then you are old.

Just one pass on the carousel
How many try to grab the ring?
Too many sit and wonder why
They didn’t care, it meant nothing.


Image from Google Images: kcrc.ca

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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