via Daily Prompt: Infect



The means to infect and contaminate our water
Was a plot stratgically implemented
It was well thought out and executed
Rage and hate the presumed incentives.

The virus spread near and far
Thru contact and ingestion
Any type of exposure could cause death
From this fatally, horrifying infection.

The scientists and microbiologists
Finally found a viable antidote
The plan was to neutralize the bug
They identified inside a microscope.

The FBI, The CIA
All of the environmental agencies
Realized the need to act
The severity and the urgency.

The pain and hurt the virus caused
Led to such horrible devastation
They had to find those responsible
They feared more annihilation.

Arrests were made, the guity charged
The threat had been neutralized
Those responsible would pay the price
The details now classified.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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