via Daily Prompt: Premature


It’s too premature
To conclude or decide
Gotta give it a chance
Gotta look at all sides.

Gotta take a step back
Figure out what to do
Before making a fool
A fool out of you.

Too many opinions
Judgments abound
The truth is there somewhere
It’s got to be found.

Don’t be offended
Take it personally
It’s not about you
It’s more about me.

We’ve got to try harder
We’ll find a way
Measure our words
Watch what we say.

Don’t be presumptuous
Don’t dare assume
Spread out your feelings
Try to make room.

Open your eyes
Open your mind
There’s more to be gained
Than we’re leaving behind.

You know we got this
That’s how we roll
Just gotta stay focused
To complete our goal.


Image from Google Images: 8womendream.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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