Thought you walked on water
Always thought you had it all
Didn’t know that you would leave me
Didn’t know you’d end it all.

Off of the ledge….so far above me
You fell down ….right to the ground
In shock…. I started shaking You didn’t scream or make a sound.

So hard to be without you
It’s so hard to be alone
I feel scared … unsure and lost
Now that I am on my own.

So attractive….captivating
Your voice, your smile …. your touch
Always knew you needed something
I was never quite enough.

I’m not the same without you
I will never understand
Why you led me on…so long
Was it all part of your plan?

You got just what you wanted
I’m broken hearted ….pulled apart
Confused …. unsure …. and anxious
Should have know right from the start.

Now they’ll be no second chances
No way to make repairs
You’re gone …. now gone forever
Guess you never really cared.

You never had intended
To spend much time with me
Just marking time so quietly
Always knowing you would leave.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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