via Daily Prompt: Complication


There was one complication
One small, annoying snag
One thing that prevented me
From keeping what I had.

It was also packaged
In a small, gray duffle bag
It was labeled “Guilt and Shame”
My private stash of swag.

No matter what I did or said
It was always there with me
Keeping me forthright, trustworthy
Maintaining my honesty.

The bag I found was loaded
With thousands of hundred dollar bills
All crisp and stacked so perfectly
For me to spend at will.

No one saw me take it
It was left there all alone
I picked it up and walked away
I carried it back home.

Was the money earned or stolen?
Was it used to buy drugs or porn?
Was it mine to keep or give up
I was feeling confused and torn.

If “Guilt and Shame” weren’t with me
Don’t know what I would do
Guess I’d keep the money
Guess that’s what I would do.

I called the police and told them
About the bag that I had found
They said if no one claimed it
I’d be the richest girl in town.

Three months later, while at home
There was a knock upon my door
A policeman handed me a thousand dollars
Said the owner gave me a reward.

The moral to this story
That I choose to share with you
Is… listen to your conscience
When you don’t know what to do.


Image from Google Images: Broken Door Ministries

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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