Wading thru the muck and waste
My eyes are filled with tears
The water marred with brown sewage
The day of wreckening is here.

Corporate sludge, dumped each day
The fish, the mammals… dead
Greedy men with no conscience
Line their pockets, move ahead.

The beauty of the planet’s lost
It’s all about profit margins
They don’t care what becomes
Of the wildlife that is starving.

Strangled, loss of oxygen
Dying by the thousands
The fish float upon the surface
While they collect endowments.

Overthrow the men who rule
Take them out of office
Bring back the days of clean and green
Clean the water from our faucets.

Get a plan, take a stand
You have to get involved
Our voices must be loud and strong
To get this problem solved.


Image from Google Images: coastalnewstoday.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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