You’re not used to someone
Holding the door
Paying you compliments
Not looking for more.

So sweet and so thoughtful
He’s honest and true
It all feels so different
So different for you.

He’s gentle, soft spoken
Not making demands
So easy, so laid back
Such a kind, loving man.

So used to abuse
Harsh words and put downs
But this guy is different
He’s not playing around.

It’s not hard, it’s so easy
To spend time with him
No tension, no drama
And, that sweet boyish grin.

You feel so relaxed
Your defenses let down
No reason to worry
When he is around.

Feeling secure
When he holds your hand
It feels really good
To know he understands.

Hoping and praying
This feeling can last
Let go of the heartache
Let go of the past.


Image from Google Images: depositphotos.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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