The blistering heat
The clouds rolling in
A storm is brewing
It’s going to rain again.

I sit by the window
Look out at the garden
Missing her more
My angel, my guardian.

Each day passes by
I try to remember
The sound of her voice
And my memories of her.

I look in the mirror
I’m beginning to see
A resemblance there
Her reflection in me.

More and more like her
My preferences change
My choices in everything
Her essence remains.

But can’t pick up the phone
To ask her a question
When I need her advice
Hard to fight this depression.

The fun that we had
The laughter… the love
The silly remarks
I can’t stop thinking of.

The days pass me by
She’s been gone a long time
But her memory lingers
In my heart, in my mind.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

19 thoughts on “IN MY HEART”

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  1. This is beautiful. Just yesterday an elderly woman walking down the street with a bag of groceries, set of that feeling of loss. We never stop missing our mothers, no matter how old we are.

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