Come and sit right next to me
Put your paw upon my knee
Lay your head in my lap
Please cuddle up with me.

Come and sit with me awhile
I’m tired, we walked a mile
Nothing like unconditional love
To make you want to smile.

Always there with bated breath
Tail wagging, so happy to see me
You greet me at the front door
I feel loved, loved so completely.

When times are rough, I turn to you
To love and comfort me
That sweet look in your eyes
It’s like you know just what I need.

You know my moods, my ups and downs
The good days and the bad
You’re always there right by my side
The best dog I’ve ever had.

When you were just a puppy
The last one of the liter
No one seemed to want you
But I said, “that one, I’ll take her”.

I don’t regret a single day
Of the time we’ve spent together
You’ve made me feel so happy
Guess we’re two birds of a feather.

Come sit with me, I’ll hold you tight
Thru the rain and thunderstorms
I’ll comfort and protect you
Keep you safe, keep you from harm.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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