That’s it, just turn and walk away
Pretend that you don’t see
The trauma and the child abuse
The hate and hostility.

Crimes against humanity
Are happening before your eyes
But no one stops the brutality
No one stands up to his lies.

Babies being left alone
The will of a brutal, evil man
Taken from their mother’s arms
I just don’t understand.

Taking children from their parents
Is nothing less than kidnapping
Why are we just standing by
Watching while it’s happening?

Impeach, arrest and imprison
The one responsible for this
Take him into custody
This is my heartfelt wish.

Open your eyes, please take notice
These are crimes against humanity
We are living out a nightmare
Allowing such insanity.

We’ve got to turn this around
Make it end, please make it stop
Please someone do something
Sound the alarm, please call the cops!


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

7 thoughts on “IT’S KIDNAPPING”

    1. Matt….His executive order only stops mother’s and children being separated now. The parents are still being prosecuted and will be charged and deported. The worst of it is the thousands of children that were taken from their parents, already! It is nothing more than kidnapping!!!!! They have been put in facilities all over the country! No way to reconnect them ! They had expedited the procedures to process the parents and deport them WITHOUT
      their children! These children are going to end up in foster care!
      His executive order is nothing more than a band aide! This is a crime against humanity! Sorry to be ranting! Thank you for reading and commenting on my poem.
      Please know that I appreciate it!

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      1. Let it out. Rant all you like. Just remember to breathe once in a while 🙂
        If only there were some kind of global human rights committee the USA could be a part of…

        Liked by 1 person

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