Bias and deception
Stoking hostility
Selective exposure
Staging camaraderie.

Uncaring, unfeeling
The stats speak for themselves
Too many people see no cause
No reason to offer help.

Ignorant and blind
Cruel as molten steel
We’re governed by a man
Who simply doesn’t feel.

On a daily mission
To separate and divide
Lacking family values
So many hateful lies.

Children left, abandoned
Orphaned and brutalized
Taken from their mother’s arms
Condemned and criticized.

He is a heartless psychopath
Values power, lust and greed
Has no regard for human rights
No honor or dignity.

We are living in a country
Devoid of love and shame
Such cruelty and evil
The pride of the “Trump” name.

He’s not slowing down
With Congress in his pocket
They have turned their backs
What can we do to stop it?


Image from Google Images: immigrationimpact.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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