We have a devil in our midst
Devoid of conscience and of shame
Things are far worse than you know
Far worse… than what they seem.

Children taken from their mothers
With no plan for their return
Taken at the border
Their whereabouts… we’ve yet to learn.

Reporters and officials
Senators from different states
Told that they can’t enter
Stopped at the door, stopped at the gate.

What is it they are hiding?
These kids are sleeping on the floor
Locked in cages like animals
Abused, kidnapped and ignored.

Given foil blankets and a pillow
Considered all they deserve or need
Not holding him accountable
For his ignorance and greed.

Cruel and inhumane
Barbaric and filled with hate
All to foster his agenda
To make America great.

He’s destroying our proud nation
No regard for human rights
His zero tolerance policy
Separates the brown from white.

He’s a racist and a bigot
A narcissistic psychopath
He stands before us smiling
With arms crossed he starts to laugh.

We need to save the children
This is a democracy
We’ve got to stop the cruelty
We’ve got to set them free.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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