We walked 30 miles a day
It was so unbearably hot
I begged my mother to let us rest
She said, “No, we cannot stop!”

The cartel’s lurking everywhere
We were robbed, they took her bracelet
She hid what little money she had
Afraid they’d try and take it.

So little food, a jug of water
We made it to the border
Who knew that we weren’t welcome here
That they would take my mother.

I cried and begged, I pleaded with
The guards in uniforms
Please don’t take my mother
We were treated with such scorn.

Don’t know where my mother is now
Don’t know just where I am
They put me in a cage at first
Two days later….in a van.

We drove for several days
I couldn’t tell in what direction
We ate lunch from a paper bag
Made rest stops at a gas station.

Not alone, there were other boys
We were frightened, really scared
No idea where our parents were
No one asked, they didn’t dare.

Once we arrived, they took us inside
There were other children on the floor
Some were crying, they looked so sad
I wanted to run right out the door.

I thought America was the home of the free
We had traveled so far to get here
Now it was obvious to me
We weren’t wanted by anyone…anywhere.

I didn’t know what was happening
I just wanted to be with my mother
Some children were crying out
One boy kept asking for his brother.

I saw babies at the border gate
They were taken right out of their mother‘s arms
I was praying for my mother’s safety
Praying she was alive and wouldn’t be harmed.

We had heard about your new president
Heard he was making America great
What is going to happen to me?
Is there any chance I can escape?

I need to find my mother
But, I’ve been taken so far away
I have no idea where she is
All I can do now is pray.


Image from Google Images: reason.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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