You’re inciting violence
With your vile and hateful speech
You set the stage, give the green light
You should be impeached.

Spewing hate by encouraging
Anger and unabashed chaos
You’re not happy unless you see
The disparity you’re causing among us.

You’re a coward and a bully
It’s all you’ll ever be
So sad, your base follows blindly
Just too ignorant to see.

Resentment, hate and jealousy
Bait used to inspire their allegiance
To a cold hearted psychopath
Whose values are egregious.

At forty percent, you do stand a chance
Of destroying our democracy
With every action that you take
In your quest for autocracy.

But, the legal means in Mueller’s hands
As he continues his investigation
Along with our social outcries
Will lead to your incarceration.

Lining their pockets, securing their place
In congress and in the senate
Your cronies cavort with lobbyists
And your choice of special interest.

But, who has the courage to stand up to you?
Who’ll risk their political career?
They won’t be alone, when they do
Your demise will come, it’s near.


Image from Google Images: wikihow.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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