Close your eyes, relax and dream
Unafraid, give into the moment
Feel the sensation… so peaceful, so calm
The freedom of joy and atonement.

Thru the eyes of a child, you see the world
At times rather meek, unsuspecting, somewhat innocent
You weren’t totally to blame, it wasn’t all your fault
Your role as it was then…less significant.

It’s a matter of time, the dust barely settled
The memories still fostering resentment
Don’t allow those thoughts that plague your mind
To disturb your peace and inner contentment.

Rejoice in the light of freedom and bliss
There’s no place for cruelty or vengeance
Be receptive, be kind, non-judgmental… not blind
And, your life will be more than momentous.

Cleanse your heart, then your soul
Trust will come gradually through forgiveness
Give yourself a chance that’s long overdue
Don’t be consumed by fear and bitterness.

Everyone wants and deserves a break
A second chance to make things right
Don’t turn your back and walk away, just yet
This could be…your lucky night.


Image from Google Images:

Youtube video: LUCK BE A LADY…Frank Sinatra

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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