We sat on the front porch steps
To eat our Easter eggs
Taking time to peel them
Casting all the shells away.

We traded toys and candy
Always having so much fun
Chocolate rabbits, jelly beans
We finished everyone.

Wearing matching jackets
While talking on the phone
Running in and out of the door
Of each other’s homes.

“Hide-and-seek”, backyard swings
“Jacks” played… sitting on the floor
Ice cream cones at Dairy Queen
Who could ask for more?

Walks to school and back again
Trips to the local store
Afterschool snacks, soda and chips
That what bestfriends are for.

Trips down to the Jersey shore
Painted ponies on the “Merry Go Round”
Cotton candy, popcorn and taffy
The best candy apples in town.

Secrets told, stories shared
The whispers and the laughter
Lives intertwined and cherishedi
Memories forever after.

– For: CHRIS –


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Youtube: RETURN TO POOH CORNER by Kenny Loggins

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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