It’s hot outside, you’re tired and weak
But there’s still so much to do
Please don’t give up, not just yet
We depending upon you.

The primaries will be over soon
Though your back and feet still ache
We’ve got to pull together now
There’s so much that’s still at stake.

A vote or two could change it all
It could make all the difference
We’ve got to stand up for what is right
Stop bigotry and racism.

Anger, violence and aggression
Aren’t what we all stand for
Kindness, care and compassion
Are what we’re striving for.

Money out of politics
Honor and love of country
These are reasons to get off the couch
To come out and try and help me.

More doors to knock, forms to fill out
Pull up that Mini Van
Don’t give up now, we’ve got to try
To give it all we can.

That one person sitting at home
Is waiting just for you
She’s not sure which way to go
Please show her what to do.

She’ll welcome all your insight
Your attention and your time
One more vote to tip the scale
A chance to change her mind.

Do it for McDougall
For Blake and Walker, too
Give it one more try today
You know just what to do.




Image from Google Images: lakedemocrats.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

2 thoughts on “WE NEED YOU”

  1. Wow another Floridian that is not a trump supporter! I’m in central Fla and have a few close friends who are like minded, thankfully, and I follow many blogs by other like minded people. But in Fla. I feel so surrounded by the trump cult. At least there are a few of us.

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