“Hands out of your pockets
Hands behind your back
Step away from your vehicle
What‘s this? You got smack?”

“No, sir that’s my cereal
It’s wheat germ fortified
I mix it with fruit juice
It’s organic… no pesticides”.

“Who you think you’re kidding?
Looks like drugs to me
Where you going? What’s your hurry?
Gotta make a delivery?”

“No way, I work at the lumber yard
I carry boards around all day
Sometimes I drive a forklift
I don’t do drugs, not me, no way.”

“Where’s your wallet and your license?
You got an ID or a tag?”
“Yes sir, they’re in my jacket
I ain’t trying to get you mad.”

Once the boy was in the clear
His story verified
An apology was accepted
“See I told you, I don’t lie”.

Not a crook and not a dealer
He was uncuffed and set free
No ticket or citations
No charge or felonies.


Image from Google Images: Vector Toons

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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