Traveling to the south of France
Where the air is fresh and clean
See the beauty of the valleys
A prettier sight I’ve never seen.

I gaze upon the sunrise
Walk along the countryside
Wear my beret atop my head
Tilted slightly to one side.

Pretend to be Parisian
While perusing local shops
Watch the farmers travel into town
Their wagons filled up to the top.

With vegetables and flowers
Their dogs walking by their side
Tails wagging, people smiling
Children playing ball nearby.

Stopped for lunch at a small cafe
Enjoyed the day so warm and sunny
Served a loaf of crusty bread
With a plate of cheese and honey.

A gentler time, a memory
A snapshot of the day
They know how to live there
How to pass their time away.

Sharing simple conversations
Watching sheep herded thru the streets
Another bottle of Champagne
Made with grapes so ripe and sweet.

A fantasy, a book I read
Re-enacted before my eyes
A memory to cherish
Makes me smile and wonder why.

I waited so long to travel
Held fast to the mundane
Now that I’ve ventured far from home
I know I’ll be back again.


Image from Google Images: wikihow.coM


Youtube: MY FATHER by Judy Collins

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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