A message received
Devastated and weak
She felt sick inside
Consumed with such grief.

Her boy, a small child
Who’d become a grown man
Who knew much success
Had fulfilled his life’s plan.

Just like his dad
With tool belt in place
He followed him everywhere
With a smile on his face.

His mother, steadfast
Whenever he’d fall
She’d pick him back upHi
He would run, never crawl.

When he was a boy
He played with his trains
He’d play day and night
His favorite games.

The whistle would blow
The smoke from the stack
He’d steer his train
Always kept it on track.

A train engineer
A mechanical genius
He followed his dreams
An accomplished machinist.

He played with his band
On Saturday nights
When they harmonized
They sounded just right.

“Down by the Glenside”
He played with the guys
When they began singing
It brought tears to your eyes.

He reached for the stars
His dreams had come true
Made the most of his life
Always knew what to do.

Now, “All Aboard!”
For the last run on the line
He’ll ride the train
For the very last time.

He’ll be with his family
His girl and his friends
You know he’ll be smiling
On his way to heaven.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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