Children in internment
Children all alone
Taken from their parents
His heart is made of stone.

The fear and absolute terror
Of being placed into a cage
A cage meant for an animal
What’s caused this act of rage?

A total lack of empathy
A lack of governing skills
The country is in chaos
He won’t change, he never will.

What is it going to take
To stop this wrecking ball?
The stock market is plunging
This country’s in free fall.

Other leaders standing by
Watching us implode
He has no idea of what to do
His true agenda now exposed.

All he cares about is money
Lining his pockets…his only goal
He refuses to listen to reason
He ignores the things  he’s  told.

Thinks he knows better, than the generals
Regarding strategies and plans
He’s walking us right into
The dictator’s evil hands.

It’s time to get the hook
It’s time to pull the plug
Stop this lunatic in his tracks.
This president’s a thug.

Impeach and then imprison
Dismantle his empire
He’s nothing but a coward
A shameless, heartless, evil liar.

This isn’t going to end well
There is no time  to waste
We need Mueller to take action
Before, it is too late.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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