While playing by the water
I found a magic shell
It was one of a kind
As far as I could tell.

I was digging all around
With my shovel in my hand
I loved to dig and to play
In the warm and gritty sand.

It was a small , smooth,  little shell
About the size of a quarter
I planned to take it home
I washed it off in the salt water.

I put it in my beach bag
Then put it on the table
I put it in my pocket
It didn’t need a special label.

Before I went to bed
I held it in my hand
I made a wish and there appeared
A creature they called, Dan.

“Hello there, Little Boy”!
“Who are you?” , I asked inquisitively.
“Who are you?”,  he replied.
“I asked you first”,  I said quite earnestly.

“Okay, yes you did”!
“My name is DAN.  And , you are?”
“I’m Theodore”!
“ So, what did you call me for, Theodore?”

“I didn’t call you.
I just made a wish,
And , you appeared!”
“ Like magic… yes, I’m here”!

“Are you a genie?”
“No, I don’t have a bottle.
I travel thru space….from the sky
I fly!  I never,  ever waddle!

It’s quite sandy where I’m from
Sorry for the mess.
See the sand upon the floor?
“I do. I see it… I see it , yes”!

My mom will pick it up.
She’s always  cleaning the floor.
She’ll get out the broom
That’s what it’s used for”!

“It’s just a little bit.
She probably won’t mind.
“I’ll try to be more careful!
More careful the next time”

“So what would you like?
I’m here to grant a wish!
One special request ….i
What’s the first thing  on your list?

Okay, let me think!  I know….
How about a visitor from outerspace?
A martian, a creature
From a different place?”

“Why your wish has already been granted!
I’m from the planet TAN
It’s light years away
And,  it’s covered by lots of sand”!

The boy became very excited
He was with an alien
They chatted for several hours
Before, he finally had given in.

He was getting very sleepy
He put his head down, then closed his eyes.
Just before falling asleep,
He heard Dan quietly say, “  Goodbye”.

His mom came into his room that morning
He told her about his visitor
His mom said it was just a dream
Then he did his best to prove it to her.

He was here!  He really was!
He left some sand upon the floor.
Look over there upon the floor
See the sand right by the door?

“I guess you’re right “ she said
And quickly got her broom.
She played along with Theodore
Then swept the sand out of his room.

Maybe it was just a dream
Maybe the alien wasn’t real
But Theodore didn’t really care
He liked the way it made him feel.

So every night before he slept
He’d dream about his friend, Dan
And sure enough there it would be
On the floor ….he’d find some sand.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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