He stared at me from across the room
I wondered what he might do
If I got up from the table
Maybe then he’d make a move.

He looked somewhat professional
In his khakis and white shirt
He’d been there  sitting all alone
Guess he took time off from work.

I got up and pushed my chair in
Walked toward the register
Asked for another cup of coffee
I didn’t seem him there,  at first.

He now stood right behind me
I felt his presence  close to me
It was then I heard him mutter
“I prefer a cup of tea”.

He asked me for my number
I didn’t even blink
I didn’t hesitate
Or take the time to think.

He now seemed in quite  a hurry
Got his tea to go
I wondered if he’d call me
I had no way to know.

Two days later we met for coffee
At the same cafe nearby
I was taken with his charm
And the  sad look in  his eyes.

He was handsome in a boyish way
His hair brushed to the side
He had dark hair and a stubble
He spent a lot of time outside.

He owned a boat down at the harbor
Asked me to meet him there
I brought some sandwiches and tea
The sun was out, the weather fair.

We sailed his boat for hours
We dropped anchor near the shore
He told me he worked at the college
He’d been married once before.

His wife died quite awhile ago
They were together for six years
He’d been on his own since then
He lived on his boat, down at the pier.

We dated for about a year
I felt  loved and I was  sure
He was  the one I’d been waiting for
I felt  safe and so secure.

A chance meeting in the cafe
A look from across the room
Changed my life forever
Glad we  met that afternoon.


Image from Google Images:  123rf.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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