There is no place
That fits you just right
A place to call home
Where you’ll spend  your nights.

A gypsy, a wanderer
You just don’t fit in
Feels good for awhile
But, the fun always ends.

You pack up, you leave
Your worries behind
But, somehow they follow
Still there in your mind.

The mountains, the shore
The desert, the lakes
You do what you can
Whatever it takes.

Out and about
You feel on the edge
Never fully accepted
Is it all in your head?

You thrive on the change
You’re looking for more
You never know… what
The trip has in store.

You long for a garden
A mountain to climb
Somewhere to call home
Where you’ll spend all your time.


Image from Google Images:  pinterest.com





Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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