Unsettled, uncertain
Confused and withdrawn
Where is my drive?
My purpose is gone.

Floundering aimlessly
Floating adrift
My rudder forsaken
I can’t explain it.

Down on my luck
Down on my knees
Feeling so hopeless
So ill at ease.

What can I do
To get it all back?
I can’t get a grip
I’ve fallen off track.

Walking in circles
With no clarity
Can’t feel the rhythm
It’s been taken from me.

Stolen, kidnapped
I’m being held hostage
I’d gladly pay up
Please release me from bondage.

The rope round my neck
Like the air in this room
I can’t catch my breath
So completely consumed.


Image from Google Images: Β

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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