The howling wind
The blanketing snow
Impassable roads
With nowhere to go.

The blazing fire
The crimson glow
The warmth of coffee
The drifts below.

Nature’s storm
Fierce and cold
The lake now frozen
The storm so bold.

Nary a traveler
Sets out alone
To battle the winds
For they’re safer at home.

The animals sheltered
Now huddled together
No chance you will find
Any out in this weather.

Through the night
We’ll hear the wind
The storm now passed
The day will begin.

Chipmunks will scurry
Squirrels run about
On top of the snow
Their chartered route.

The deer now brazen
Looking for berries
Those ice covered morsels
In snow still are buried.

The ice on the branches
Weighs heavy with snow
They glisten and sparkle
As the wind gently blows.

Christmas is coming

Santa will find his way

Through the night he will travel

With his reindeer and sleighs.


Image from Google Images:  leowefowa

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.


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