Brutal and vicious
The harm we inflict
Callous and cruel
We lay it on thick.

The smiles and the grins
When someone is suffering
We’ve mastered the tools
There is no recovering.

With deadly force
And a battery ramp
We slam it on home
Lick the final stamp.

What causes the chaos?
What promotes the fear?
How could we  ignore you
Ignore all your tears?

Heartless and cold
Knocked to the ground
Stepped over, stepped on
We’ll push you right down.

No kindness or love
We’ve learned to hate
We build our walls high
To make America great.


Image from Google Images:  reuters.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

2 thoughts on “HEARTLESS”

  1. Oh Patty, it’s all so heartbreaking, and easy to feel powerless. But posts like this are proof there is still goodness in the world. So long as we don’t become jaded—maintain our sadness and outrage—this dark chapter will be over soon. ❤️

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