Across the courtyard
Thru the sliding glass
I watch you at night
As you walk passed.

No curtains to draw
No shades to be closed
I can’t help myself
I should, yes… I know.

Can’t look away
Like a voyeur
I can’t help myself
I stand and stare.

Your hair somewhat long
You look handsome and  lean
I watch you do yoga
You have your routine.

You come home from work
Take off your tie
Your suit jacket in hand
You disappear from sight.

30 minutes or  later
You appear once again
You roll out at your mat
Your meditation begins.

Your kitchen in view
You start to prepare
Your dinner is made
Meticulously with care.

With wine glass in hand
Once dinner is through
You pick up your book
Every night, it’s what you do.

You read for awhile
You’re  there on your own
No girlfriend or  pets
You live all alone.

At just before ten
The lights are turned off
I imagine you sleeping
In your bed, in your loft.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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