Marooned and sadly forsaken
Abandoned after the storm
There were reasons for hesitation
There were signs, you were told, you were warned.

Take heed, pay attention, take cover
You’ve got to learn to protect yourself
Don’t give in to the pain and the suffering
Reach out, find a way to get help.

Everywhere that you go, there are memories
The love that you had…. didn’t last
Your mistakes and all of your choices
Nothing more than a part of your past.

It’s time to erase all the sadness
Forget everything you’ve been through
Get up and get over the heartache
Start over, find a way,  start anew.

You need to let go of the longing
Things will never be the same, again
Let go of the feelings of sorrow
It’s over, it’s done, it’s the end.

A cold and manipulative opportunist
Trolling for the next one in line
Easily and innocently overtaken
It’s was simply a matter of time.

A victim, innocent and unsuspecting
You were convenient, such easy prey
You fell hard , you succumbed to the madness
Forget that it happened, find a way.

There’s  nothing left to hold onto
Conveniently she packed up and moved on
Face the fact  that it’s over, forget it
Though tragic, be thankful she’s gone.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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