Young at heart
Inner child within
Still wrecking  havoc
Every now and then.

Fun and games
Still likes to play
A lot going on
A lot yet to say.

Cake sounds good
Ice Cream, too
Let’s celebrate
Like youngsters do.

I’ll bring the clothespins
You bring the jar
Can anyone guess
What they’re for?

We’ll pin the tail
On the donkey’s behind
We’ll have cake and punch
Just like old times.

Musical chairs and
Simon Says
Balloons and crayons
I’ll wear my Keds .

We’ll never forget
The fun and games
And my  birthday surprise
The Lionel Train.

My dream came true
When I opened the box
So afraid it was clothes
Or a new pair of socks.

But there it was
A wish come true
My very own train
And lots of track, too!

I cherish the  memories
Of days gone by
Makes me so happy
I want to cry.

Just a boy
Inside a grown man
Doing the best
The best that I can.


Image for Google Images:  shopswell.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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