Always a Savage
Never a swan
You take what you want
Till it’s all gone.

You eat with your fingers
You eat with your hands
You spit and you snort
You don’t give a damn.

You won’t give a penny
To help someone else
You turn your back on
Those that need help.

Self centered and cruel
A horrible man
No matter what happens
You won’t lend a hand.

An ogre, a monster
No love in your heart
You live in a hallow
Kept cold and kept dark.

A taker, a thief
A crook in the night
It’s plain and it’s simple
You’d melt in daylight.

Lured to the surface
Tricked and cajoled
Brought into the sunlight
Covered in mold.

You fell to the ground
We watched your eyes bleed
You lost all your power
You fell to your knees.

You slowly melted
Into a mass
Of black tar and acid
That burned all the grass.

The smell and the stench
That filled the air
Permeated your clothes
And, your filthy hair.

Once you were gone
We all celebrated
We are now free
We’ve been liberated.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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