Down as low, as you can go
You scrape and lick the bottom
Blood and mud drip from your lips
You reel them in, then rob em.

A con, a cheat, a worthless snake
Slithering in one night
With no thought of helping others
No regard for what is right.

You stirred the pot, you fired them up
When no one else was looking
No one thought you stood a chance
But, your evil plan is working.

Sadly some let down their guard
Never dreamed you’d get the votes
But they were wrong, you came on strong
Now, they’ve lost all hope.

A truly illiterate president
Who can barely read or write
Acting out impulsively
Moving further to the right.

Breaking every law we have
From nepotism to emoluments
Obstructing justice in clear sight
Ignoring our legal documents.

Taking children from their mothers
Putting them in cages
Who thought it would ever come to this?
A president… who is a racist.

Love of party over country
A sad and tragic tale
A democratic country
Whose freedom was for sale.


Image from Google Images: snakeowner.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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