The piercing sounds of sirens
The flashing bright red lights
A crowd gathers round the corner
Gonna be a busy night.

A woman calls the station
Can’t seem to find her car
Auto theft is commonplace
At nightclubs and at bars.

Detectives ask the neighbors
“Did you see anything?
One guy says he saw some kids
He thinks they were… THE KINGS.

Gangs wander thru the neighborhood
They threaten and abuse
Some as young as ten years old
They have so much to lose.

Don’t hesitate, call 911
Police are on their way
Listen to the Dispatcher
To what she has to say.

Name and address, tall or short?
Light or long dark hair?
The best description you can give
Although you’re feeling scared.

Guns are drawn, arrests are made
Thieves now in custody
Handcuffed, booked and thrown in jail
Just where they need to be.

A rape, a theft, a murder
A kidnapping or scare
The frail, the weak, the frightened
Just call and we’ll be there.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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