In the midst of this pandemic
We are taking a vacation
No thought of risks or germs
No cures or vaccinations.

Not going to take precautions
No masks or latex gloves
Ignoring all the warning signs
They’re just not meant for us.

We’ll do our thing, no worries
We ‘re not the least bit scared
Not thinking about the droplets
That linger in the air.

We feel fine , no symptoms
No coughing and no fever
You’ll see…. we’re going to be just fine
Just ask that Old Grim Reaper!

No hospital or ICU
Like I said, we’re having fun
We don’t believe in science
Microscopes or medicine.

Defiant and oppositional
My views are fixed and strong
I live in a state of ignorance
No one dares to prove me


Photo from Google Images: planeta.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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