Incendiary accusations
Send chills straight up my spine
Feelings you’ve been harboring
Have been there all the time.

The rage, the hurt, the anger
Intended …meant for me
Have now finally surfaced
True colors openly.

Innocent, no malice
I’ve loved you, no regrets
Why is it so damn easy
For you to just forget?

Vindictive, cold and boorish
You turned your back on me
I didn’t see this coming
Never thought that you would be

So unkind, so mean, so cruel
Seething with revenge
Never saw that side of you
It makes me want to cringe.

No remorse, guilt or shame
Who knew you felt this way?
So arrogant, above reproach
Making sure I pay.

Judge and jury, you decide
No one makes mistakes
Passing judgement, sentencing
Your right… for heaven’s sake.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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