Don’t take me on vacation
To try and ease the blow
Don’t think it  makes it easier
Cause I don’t want to go.

The memories, the photographs
The wine and candlelight
The time we spent together
And what about last night?

Can’t believe you’re breaking up with me
Guess you’ve made up your mind
You found somebody else
And now you’re  hers … no you’re not mine.

Did you meet her on the internet?
In a chat room or a bar?
Does she take the train from Jersey
Or drive in … in her own car?

I assume she is much younger
You have a thing for pretty girls
Is she chic, sophisticated
In her high heels and her pearls?

Bet she’s everything …you wished for
Everything I’d like to be
Does she prefer black coffee
Or an herbal English tea?

Guess she’s taller, somewhat thinner
Makes good money, her fair share
Gotta stop myself from asking
Cause I really shouldn’t care.

It’s just morbid curiosity
Can’t seem to help myself
Guess I’m gonna need a therapist
Gonna need to get some help.

Hope you’re happy, now you’re free
No more lies or secret meetings
No more late night texts and photos
If she’s lucky, you’ll stop cheating!


Photo from Google Images:


PRETTY WOMAN : Roy Orbison

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

2 thoughts on “PRETTY GIRLS”

  1. I hope this is fiction and you didn’t really experience this pain. But, if it is true, then all I can say is “Good Riddance!” Better to have discovered he was not a faithful person NOW rather than later! You deserve someone who loves you even more than you love him! ❤

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