I believe in angels
Pixie dust, fairies and trolls
I have fantasies of creatures
Wearing crowns of solid gold.

I see them in the forest
Up high…. there in the trees
Sometimes I hear them calling
Calling out my name to me.

A myriad of colors
The smell of honey in the air
The humming birds and dragonflies
No time to stop and stare.

The mermaid’s van parked just outside
Near the weeping willow tree
She invites us in for an early lunch
Serving cookies and iced tea.

She has chocolates, caramels and licorice
Arranged on a lovely floral dish
Says she has magic powers
And can grant us each…. a wish.

I wished  for  a week of  sunshine
It had rained the last three days
Suddenly I felt a gentle breeze
Saw the sun’s bright golden rays.

Not that I  ever doubted
After all she had a wand
She waved it a few times in the air
And at once …the rain was gone.

The porcupine asked for a blanket
The rabbit … a pink candy cigar
I ate three caramels and a cookie
While sipping tea from a mason jar.

We had pleasant conversation
Everyone was so polite
I sat near an open window
So  I could see the bright sunlight.

Lunch was quite delicious
We thanked the mermaid graciously
She smiled as we walked out the door
Said she enjoyed our company.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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