I’m not your shield…I’m not your cover
I won’t be there to break your fall
I have no desire to ease or comfort
I’m not the one you need to call.

If you’re hurting , feeling pain
Don’t look to me to bring you solace
I don’t give a damn about you
I am clearly cold and callous.

I have no time for idle chatter
Don’t come by, I won’t be home
I don’t play well with others
I prefer to be alone.

Call your brother or your mother
Someone else who understands
I’ll be down the beach sunbathing
Near the water, near the sand.

I’m not your welcoming committee
They’ll be no pies, no casseroles
My fence is built ten feet high
To keep out vagrants, to keep out trolls. 

Get the message, Read the sign
“KEEP OUT, No One Is Home
Keep your distance, Stay away
I prefer to be alone!”


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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