Always looking at your phone
Can’t  believe you left … you’re gone
All the random calls and texts
No surprise … I was up next.

I’m not the first …. you bragged a lot
Said you’d never tie the knot
Left me sitting here alone
Cold and naked to the bone.

Should have known it from the start
You’d run around …. you’d break my heart
You told me how … you drove them crazy
Always Gucci  with the ladies.

What a player … what a scam
What a fool I was … I am
But in the end …. it was your loss
You are the worst… I’ve come across.

Never meant the things you said
Things to get me into bed
What a fool … believing you
All the things you had me do.

Feeling sick, ashamed, embarrassed
Sitting here out on the terrace
All the scamming …. all the lying
You’ve left me sad …. alone and crying.

Hope karma finds its way to you
That you’ll get yours … Lord knows you’re due
Hope I’m around …. when it’s your turn
To watch you crash …. to watch you burn.


Photo from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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