I don’t belong here
No, not with you
Need to move on 
What can I do? 

All of the shaming
All of the guilt
I’ve had enough of
I’ve had my fill.

All of the anger
All of the fits
The outburst of rage
I’m so tired of it.

The drinking … the bashing
The bullying … the laughing.
Nothing worth having
As long as I am with you.

Time to get hold of
My pride and my soul
You’re not getting better
You’re just getting old.

Your life goal…. a cold beer
Some wings and a nap
Won’t wait for your encore
No reason to clap.

I don’t belong here
No, not with you
I need to move on 
I’m leaving you.


Photo by Google Images: markallansmusings.blog

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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