I WAITED. (A Song)

I waited all night
For you to come home
I sat in the bedroom
I waited alone.

I watched the time pass
Thinking of you
Imagining you with her
What else could I do?

I’d try to say something
Say something new
Something to shake you 
To get through to you. 

But when you walked in
It was the same as before
I heard your footsteps
Heard you close the door.

Told me you worked late
But that was a lie
I didn’t believe you
I started to cry.

I could smell her perfume
Your hair looked a mess
Must have left in a hurry
Didn’t take time to dress.

Your tie in your pocket
Your shirt wrinkled but clean
I could only imagine
With what little I’d seen.

Said you were sorry
But you’d fallen for her
After hearing those words
It was all just a blurr!

I dropped to my knees
My world torn apart
I meant nothing to you
You shattered my heart.

I can’t be there 
When you pack up your stuff
It’s too hard to accept 
That I wasn’t enough.


Photo from Google Images: superprof.us

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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